Amy McGeachyWith a design philosophy that insists both form and function take precedence in every design project; Amy works with her clients to create the space of their dreams, while taking all of their daily requirements into consideration. She is adamant that an interior not only be beautiful, but that both comfort and practicality take high priority during the planning and implementation process.

Amy has made Interior Design her career since graduating from the Pacific Design Academy in 2004. She honed her skills by designing for various companies in Victoria BC, including the Urban Barn, Kitchen Craft, Summerhill Kitchens, Swiftsure Woodworkers and her own private design firm.

Since 2007, Amy’s career has pointed primarily toward kitchen and bathroom design, which she now specializes in. She is currently a member of the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). She loves taking on new design work for her clients, as every project is vastly different. “One day I am planning an ultra-modern, sleek kitchen, where appliances are hidden behind custom panels…The next I may be sourcing corbels and intricate moldings for a kitchen island in a super traditional, ornate character home.”

Her design concepts are mainly inspired by the colours and textures found naturally in her West Coast environment. “If it works organically in nature, chances are pretty good that the palette will also look phenomenal in your own interior space!”

Once terrified by the notion of public speaking and networking, Amy credits her role of Ambassador/Assistant Director for BNI, the world’s largest networking organization, as helping her to overcome her awkward, shy phase. She now feels completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera, and credits this to their awesome production crew and team members.

Some of her fondest memories include volunteering for Junior Achievement, where she teaches grade school students the fundamentals of business practices and principals, and the thrill of entrepreneurialism. She laughs when she recalls one of the teachers using her last name “McGeachy” on the 4th grade class’s spelling test that week.

Amy recently attended UBC while studying production for the entertainment industry.Upon completion she founded her New Media production company, McGeachy Media, which is currently a co-producer of Design District with CHEK Media.

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