Lighting can be the make or break element of your home. It is often that gets over looked, or left out of the budget, yet it can have the biggest impact on mood, function and design. Lighting is a way to add a touch of style and pizazz to a space. I have often heard fellow designers refer to lighting as the jewelry of the design. It is a place where you should splurge a little, as people will  notice a feature fixture in your home. 

Cluster Lighting: One of my favorite looks is the cluster of pendants in many different sizes, shapes or configurations. It is a great way to use mini pendants, or smaller fixtures while still making an impact on the space. You can purchase wall mounting place that accommodates multiple pendants, or select one that comes from the factory already like this. Most pendant lights can be adapted to work on a track light as well. I love using different sizes of globes in an entry way or over a dining table. It looks a little more designer and custom that sticking to something as is out of the box.


Large Pendants: Many different metals and materials are available in large, oversized statement pendants. Some of my favorites are the industrial styles on the market. They often have a combination of metal, crystal and wood. They add interest and a certain presence to the space. Make sure that you install your lighting on a dimmer switch so that you have options for various different applications.



Go big or go home! Small mini pendants are not the go-to for lighting like they used to be. Even over an eating bar at an island it is very common to use fixtures with some size to them. Small mini pendants often have a limited or very direct lighting instead of a broader wash of light. A large light to fill the entrance way or living room is stunning in most interiors, and will serve as a great conversation piece… much like a piece of artwork. Make the lighting something that sparkles when seen from the road at night. Many fixtures create interesting light and shadows on the walls and ceiling in the evening. Have fun with the lighting and make a big, bold statement for all to see.

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