The close of another year is near. As we spend this time with our friends and loved ones, visiting in our beautifully decorated homes, I can’t help but to reflect on some of my favorite things from this year. Whether they were items discovered while filming Trend (in CHEK TV) or working with Interior Design clients. Here are some things that come to mind, in no particular order…

37657212_xlgAccents with Interest: While visiting our friends at Moe’s Home, I ran into a handsome fella. This stone Gorilla statue creates quite the stir in their window. I love him because it is a strong and interesting art piece, but even more-so because he adds interest to any space and gets people talking. His presence attracts passer-bys into the store to have a “selfie” photo taken with him. This is the same principal as in your own home. I love including décor that tells a story, gets people talking, or adds a touch of humour to the space.

Sophisticated Color: Navy blue is the hottest color of the moment. It can act as a neutral or an accent color. It compliments any other color and can provide an anchor to the space or a sutble punch to the room. It is sophisticated and polished. I love the accent on cabinetry, or even the exterior of your house. It is beautiful with cedar wood accents.

Technology: This device isn’t new, but it is improved and now more affordable for all to take advantage of. I added a laser measure device to my tool box this year, and I now wonder how I ever made do without! It makes site measuring and space planning a breeze. As you measure the walls in sequence, the information is stored and sent to my computer creating room plans for furniture layout, or kitchen designs. No more two man measuring!

Make the old new again: Black lacquer furniture played a large part in many of our designs this year. Using existing furniture with interesting lines, and great structure can be an interesting element to a design, as well a cost saver for the large furniture pieces. However, solid wood pieces often become dinged or dented, and simply tired looking over time. By painting the piece with a durable black paint, you can make the piece elegant and polished again, for a minimal chunk of the budget.

These are just a few of my favorite things!

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