Fall and winter days on the west coast can tend to bring about the grayer, darker days. We quickly notice any absence of natural light when these gloomy days fall upon us. Also, increasingly important to the interior space is to infuse adequate, well placed lighting such as lamps. Not only can lamps wash light and brightness to the space, but they can also add to the element of the design by being a great accent piece.

n1510p15012hBrightening a dark corner: The softness of light is the perfect element to round out an otherwise dead space in your design. It creates a cozy comfy feel, while highlighting an otherwise over looked space. I love pairing a comfy accent chair and ottoman, with an interesting floor lamp in an awkward corner. It adds function as a reading nook.

Adding lighting options: I was always taught to layer your lighting. You don’t want your entire light stream to be coming from one source. Most rooms have many functions, and the lighting must accommodate this. A family room for example, may need good overhead lighting for daily tasks, while reading lamps and task lighting are great for more concentrated purposes. The lighting needs to be able to switch off independently or dim down for events like movie watching or entertaining where a cozy glow may be more appropriate.

Accenting your design: There are so many great lamps on the market. Depending on your design style, you can make a real impact with a classic style or something completely edgy. There are so many great pieces out there!

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