By Amy McGeachy, DID

There are many amazing benefits to my role as host of the CHEK TV show T rend (Our third season, with all new episodes begins airing this weekend!) I continually learn a plethora of new information each week, and meet so many interesting, local people. We feature a lot of realtors on our series, and showcase many of the homes in the Victoria area. After each episode I have various people in my life weighing in their opinions on the different segments. It continually amazes me on how each person relates to the various properties so differently. For example, one person will label a luxurious home on the water front their “dream home”, while another will find it “too much” for them to ever imagine of owning (if the large price tag wasn’t a factor). In contrast, others are drawn to the low idea of owning a condo in the heart of the city with less space, less maintenance, but much more activity.

These preferences really come down to choice of lifestyle. Focusing on how you want to live and what is important to you and your family will really dictate what type of lifestyle you want to lead. Keep in mind that these contributing factors may change many times over the course of your life.

I recently spoke to a Realtor who had traded in his large suburban home in a luxurious gated community for a compact loft condo downtown. While the condo was beautiful and lavishly decorated, I wondered if he didn’t miss having so much space and property to call his own. He quickly explained that while their home was small, they had gained so much by having a close proximity to the downtown core. They love getting out of their home and walking to most of their destinations. They love frequenting the shops and restaurants, and having all of the owners and staff know their names. They have become actively involved in their community, not just staying within the confines of their own walls. They love the social aspect to living in an urban setting, something they craved while residing more private setting of the suburbs.

In contrast, while visiting a large housing community several minutes outside of the city limits, I met a family who was ecstatic with their recent decision to make the daily commute to get a quieter, more spread-out neighbourhood for their young family. A large space blueprint and “bigger bang for your buck” were at the top of their list of reasons for leaving the city. They spend a lot more time at home with their children and wanted to have comfort, with lots of room for their family to grow. They noted that they don’t often see any of their neighbours, as they currently have so much happening on a daily basis with their own family.

It all comes down to lifestyle and how you chose to design it!

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