By Amy McGeachy, DID

The children are now back to school, and with that goes the weather. Summer will soon fade to fall, producing crisp chilly mornings. It is during this time that I start to crave the thick texture of a knit fabric, dark saturated colors and the warmth of a faux fur. I also crave a good Pumpkin Spice Latte, but that is beside the point!

colorsIt is around this time that I get that itch to make a change to my interior space. I start  switching out the bright summer décor of lime green, teal and citron with the rich, sumptuous hues. Jewel tones add a regal air to the space, while adding a touch of maturity and polish to your design. With names like emerald, amethyst, and sapphire, how can you not feel royal and stately in your own home? Don’t be afraid to refer to a space like this as your palace! These rich colors compliment an existing neutral color palette compiled of shades of gray or beige brilliantly. They show that you are confident and secure in your bold style and choices. As well, they work just as fabulously alone, in various color combinations, or paired with other rich jewel hues. In interiors, we can use these colors in obvious places like a painted wall or two, accessories and decor, throw cushions and blankets, or the less obvious choice like wallpaper. These colors add a depth, richness and a certain decadence to any interior space.

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