By Amy McGeachy, DID

One of the most common mistakes that I see in the homes of family and friends is awkwardly hung artwork. Hanging a beautiful art piece or photo too high is one of the largest decorating sins, and also one of my biggest pet peeves. They often know that it isn’t hung correctly, and that something is uncomfortable about it, but just aren’t sure what needs to be done to correct the situation.

I like to turn to the high-end, minimalistic art galleries when I am explaining the science behind creating a beautiful wall hanging. You want the center of the art piece to fall at eye level so that you can easily and comfortably move around the room looking from one piece to another. (I know that this is somewhat subjective, as we are all at varying heights.) However, the rule of thumb for many art galleries is to have the centre of the piece at 57” above finished floor. This may not work when you are hanging your art over pieces such as a fireplace mantle, piano, or sofa, in which case I would revert back to the rule of thirds. You also want to take the negative (blank wall) space into account as well.

Framing your artwork in a simple black frame, with a white matt, keeps your eye onthe piece de resistance. Canvas works of art are also a favorite of mine. I love original art with texture, adding life and vibrancy to it.

Larger in scale is usually better in my opinion, but if you have a series of small pieces a collage or grouping can be a great way to make the piece have more impact in the space. Creating a common thread between the pieces is favorable. Whether it be consistency of the frames, genre of artwork, or a common color scheme, there are many ways to tie the pieces together. I also like to have objects on the wall. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different.

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