By Amy McGeachy, DID

Getting a handle on your kitchen renovation or furniture refurbishing has never been as easy. There are many Pinterest boards, YouTube videos and blogs with ideas on how to paint and refinish everything from tired, out-dated kitchen cabinets to furniture that has been a part of your family for generations. Whether it is accenting the old, or embellishing the new, choosing the handle and knob hardware for your project is something that should receive considerable consideration. The cabinetry hardware is often referred to as the jewelry of your millwork piece.


gold-kitchen-cabinetry-hardware-via-the-sweetest-digsFirst, think about what the purpose of the hardware will be… Is it going to be installed on the kitchen door, where there are things like soft close hinges, wide drawers, heavy glass? In this instance you would want to choose a wide handle that can comfortably fit a large hand so that you can have a steady pull on the piece. You don’t want to ratchet the drawer or door by having the weight all pulled on one side.You want to make sure that the door or drawer is easy to open for both kids and the elderly (a knob may be difficult in either of these scenarios.) When working with an existing piece, make sure that you select hardware that matches the current drill pattern. This can be tricky on some older pieces where older hardware is a unique size. Be aware of handles that will snag on clothing. The “T-bar” style has been very popular on contemporary pieces over the last year, but it has happened on an occasion or two where they catch on pockets when people are unsuspectedly walking by. This can be both dangerous and frustrating to say the least. There are similar styles that are connected at the end of the bar, eliminating this problem.


0Changing the hardware on a piece is a cost effective way to dress up and change an old dresser or sideboard. Swapping out the brass, floral knobs on closet doors for a simple square brushed nickel knob can instantly bring your home back the current century. Add a little sparkle with a crystal knob, or try something a little trendy by adding a touch of gold to your piece. There are many unique, and interesting hardware options for kid’s rooms as well. Let them make their own selection to add a little custom personality to their space with animal creatures, dinosaurs or sports themes.

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