Summer is almost here, and with all of this amazing weather I have been motivated to get the patio in shape. There is nothing like a little greenery to make you feel like you are in your own secret garden. Even a simple condo patio can be transformed with some large pots and flowers added to the space. An added bonus is that the plants will add a bit of privacy from your condo neighbours, as well as bring the birds and butterflies around.

Keep it Simple: I love the look of a dish or large bowl in the middle of the patio table with interesting river rocks filling the space. Add a few succulents to the container, and you will have a simple centre piece that is easy to look
after, yet can withstand the outdoor elements for the duration of summer. Or keep a durable vase filled with fresh cut flowers from your garden.

Use vertical space: There are many options for pots and planters that hang on the wall or railing. They add interest to a fence or wall that otherwise would be a boring blank space. I have planted various different herbs in
on my patio, like mint and basil in small hanging planters that are up and out of the way from deer and other likely predators. I have seen some very interesting “live walls” lately as well, that house a huge assortment of plants and mosses. Pinterest has some interesting DIY projects to make your own out of old palettes.

Plant edibles: Plant vegetables in large pots if you can’t commit to a full sized garden. Strawberries, tomatoes and blackberries are some of my favorites. I love popping outside for a snack during the day.

Add a splash of color with the pottery and the flowers in them: There are so many different styles, colors and sizes of pots available now. A great way to add some color to the patio is with brightly colored pots like cobalt blue or teal. Cluster different sizes, heights, and textures to create interest to the space. Decide on a couple of different flower colors that complement each other and carry the theme throughout.

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