The materials are flowing across my desk as I pour over products and places that I have encountered this year. In an effort to pull together my material for the Home Show this month, I am reminded of the various trends and products that have stood out in the industry. There is so much selection and choice these days, mostly at varying price points to suite any budget. What did people do before there was such a home and garden craze? Before there
were countless TV shows providing guidance and inspiration, and prior to the era of online material where suggestions and dreams are at our finger tips. Local retailers and hardware stores were where we would turn to.
Clipping articles, and photos from magazines to create our wish book. I have the privilege of visiting the local
businesses to learn of the most up to date design and building trends on the market place. Here are a few that I
think are here to stay:

Recessed ceiling light fixtures that fit into the existing electrical box: This product is a great option for
those of use that are tired of having to choose from uninspiring dome lights needed to light hallways, closets and utility rooms. They give the illusion of a pot light fixture, without the added cost and labour to convert the housing for such a product. They don’t provide quite the same light as a standard pot light, but they are sleek and visually
disappear, providing a higher end look to the space. They are also available in LED.

Mixing metal finishes in a room: Golds, silvers, copper and bronze all provide their own interesting appearance and luster to a design. I love the look of mixing these materials to provide interest to a space. It is also practical when you are wanting to add the new material to existing décor. Keep pricey or more difficult items to
replace in your favorite metal finish, and then add in a secondary finish that is easy to change out or replace if you
grow tired of it. Home décor and accessories are a great example of this.

Bold, rich color and pattern on your walls: Large patterned wallpaper, or deep, rich saturated hues are a great way to make your space your own. One of my favourite bedrooms to date was painted in a deep charcoal base colour on the walls and then balanced with white furniture with textured throws and bedding to create a posh, luxurious sanctuary for my client. Wallpaper is a great way to experiment with your design style as well. They are available in many styles, colors and textures to suite your needs.

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